Sunday, October 23, 2011

Motorola XOOM US WiFi-Only Rooted Android 3.2 HTJ85B Update Available

This is an update for US owners of Motorola Xoom WiFi only versions:
Biggest thanks to the efforts of XDA forum member Stachre for those awaiting for root.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update is for the US Xoom Wi-Fi MZ604 with Android 3.1 ONLY!!! As of v05 of this update, the update script performs NO CHECKS of files before flashing rooted stock 3.2 system and boot images. This means it won't stop you from flashing on a Xoom 3G; it will just flash and you're left with the mess, if any. Please proceed only if you're tech-savvy with Android and the Xoom, ready to restore to stock 3.1 in case of issues, and good at troubleshooting. Please provide feedback and corrections, and I'll update the post as quickly as I can. Thanks!

EARLY RELEASE NOTE: I’ve just finished a couple of rounds of testing, and more updates to this procedure are coming. Please proceed only if you’re tech-savvy with your Xoom, ready to restore to stock in case of issues, and very impatient.

WARNING: Following this procedure may damage or permamently destroy your device. This procedure is provided with NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Perform this procedure at your own risk.

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: I have personally tested this procedure ONLY ON THE US XOOM WI-FI MZ604 with STOCK Android 3.1 HMJ37. If you have a non-US Xoom Wi-Fi, this procedure may break your device. If you have a Xoom 3G, this procedure may break your device.

AWESOMENESS NOTE: Instead of copying files which you’re going to adb push to the platform-tools directory every time, why not just add the directory to yourPATH environment variable (“How to update your PATH”)? That way, you can run adb from any directory you want.


Here’s a run-down on the current procedure:

* Updates the Xoom WiFi to Android 3.2 using ClockworkMod Recovery (
* Resolves issue in updater-script: get_prop ro.product.device wingray
* Leaves existing recovery partition intact (stock update overwrites it on every reboot)
* Sets correct permission on su to enable functioning root
* Flashes the boot (kernel) partition to stock (required at this time)
* Updates system partition
* Stock kernel means no extras (overclocking, etc.) from custom kernels
* Leaves user data intact

See the full instruction @XDA thread to get your Honeycomb update fix!


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