Sunday, October 23, 2011

Honeycomb NEON Look P3D Neon 3.1 (Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Based) Fast & Stable Custom ROM for HTC Sensation/Pyramid

Another newly developed ROM by CdTDroiD an XDA-developer from New Zealand who created this magnificent style of custom ROM for HTC Sensation or also known as HTC Pyramid. This will give a new layout of your HTC Sensation a NEON 3D dimension experience.

Htc sensation 3d neon custom rom

  • Brand new Android 2.3.4 Base - 2.52.1985.3 - HUGE Thanks to Baadnewz!
  • Honeycomb NEON themed by CdTDroiD
  • Speed & RAM Scripts
  • Zipaligned on boot for speed
  • CRT Animation
  • Sliding Keyboard effect
  • Screen shot function (POWER + HOME Keys)
  • WiFi Driver improvements & greater range
  • Greatly improved battery life
  • Fast as hell
  • Extended quick settings
  • Brand new 2.3.4 base - Huge thanks to Baadnewz!!
  • MMS Hack for bigger files
  • MMS Backup and restore function (Thanks Capychimp)
  • Hardware Acceleration Enabled - (Very Smooth)
  • Available CPU Governors - OnDemand, Interactive, Conservative, Powersave, Performance & Userspace
  • Max speed - screen off 499MHz
  • Battery calibration script (Thanks to the dev seo)
  • Max O/C 1.8GHz ("Nutter mode")
  • LeeDrOiD Optimal CPU table & VDD Levels
  • Rooted and Superuser added
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • Lots of tweaks for speed and memory improvements
  • Multilanguage (WWE)
  • Fully Zipaligned
  • Fully de-odexed
  • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
  • Very Fast & Fluid!

Latest changelog update:

Pyramid3D v3.1

Is a full ROM but only need to wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache no need to wipe user data

* Added Honeycomb boot animation
* Couple more minor speed tweaks
* Killed the UFO that was overtaking our phones
* Fixed the "Unlock Account" instead of "More" when pressing Menu
* Fixed % showing in volume bar
* Added Smaller fonts (HD Look)
* Started with a new framework to theme on for 2.3.4
* Changed a couple of things in build.prop
* Fixed black on black in notifications

If you want to join others who already tried using and installed it on their HTC Sensation android phones. you can grab a copy over CdTDroid thread at XDA developer to get the ROM file and a full guide of installation procedure.


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