Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samsung ICS 4.0 for Galaxy S i9000

Android ICS 4.0 for Galaxy S (Custom ROM) Download the custom ROM ICS 4.0 from here
(Important! It’s the first port of ICS and it’s still very much in heavy development. So, expect this custom ROM to be updated more than frequently in the coming days, until it gets as good as you hope it to be. So, always check and download the latest version available at the aforementioned link. Rest of the process is same)
Transfer it to your phone’s sdcard.
You need to have ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery installed on your phone. If you don’t have it already do this:
Install XXJVS firmware first.
Root and install CWM recovery on XXJVS.
Power Off your Galaxy S. Wait for 5-6 seconds until you feel the vibration to confirm complete switch off.
Then, press and hold these 3 buttons together: VolumeUP+Home+Power till the Galaxy S logo shows up on screen. You’ll soon see the CWM recovery.
In recovery, use Volume keys to scroll up and down and power key to select an option. Use back key to go back.
Now, select “install zip from sd card”. Then, select “choose zip from sd card”. Now, browse through sd card and select the file ICS Custom ROM you downloaded in step 1 and transferred in step 2 above. Select “Yes – Install ___” on the next screen.
This will flash the required files on your phone and will reboot your phone into recovery again. This is a slightly different recovery now.
Do Wipe Data/Factory Reset
Do Wipe Cache Partition
Now, you need to flash the ICS Custom ROM file again. So, select “install zip from sd card”, select “choose zip from sd card”, browse and select the same file again and choose “Yes – Install ___” again.
This time, the ICS Custom ROM will be flashed actually and after it’s installed, your phone will reboot with ICS lock screen visible upon boot. (if the phone gets stuck while booting up, showing fugumod thing at the bottom, then remove the battery and insert it back, go to recovery mode and repeat from step 9 again. This worked for me. Twice!)
icecream2 Samsung ICS 4.0 for Galaxy S i9000
Please note the version posted will be a proof of concept version, and IS NOT for daily usage nor for people unknown to flashing etc.
It is being posted for development purposes only, however Lttldvl and I wish for this to be an open community, and which for other developers to help fix the issues that are still present.
The rom DOES NOT currently get passed the lockscreen, as touch sensors and screen resolution need fixed.
Edit: using 2 fingers or back key and menu key will get you past lockscreen.
This is a product of open source, let’s see what WE CAN ALL DO with it..!
Source: xda developers. Samsung ICS 4.0 for Galaxy S i9000 + Samsung ICS 4.0 for Galaxy S i9000 = Thanks


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