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How to Update Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC New Firmware 4.0.A.2.368 Global Generic Flash Version

Here's the step by step procedure on how to flash and made for people who do NOT wish to no longer wait for PC Companion update stock in there countries, so people can get the upgrade earlier without waiting no longer to upgrade their Xperia Arc the latest 4.0.A.2.368 Global Generic firmware.

Xperia™ arc software updates
New software available ( Now available on PC companion. For few countries it's still rolling out At the moment)
THIS IS 2.3.3. NOT 2.3.4 .

Xperia Arc Firmware 4.0.A.2.368 Global Generic firmware

What you will get is:
Updated: It seems this firmware makes the Booting Much much quicker. I can't say if it's true but anyone else can confirm this besides me. thanks
Updated: I currently will be in vacation for 6 days. This thread will be Updated by my Brother. Thanks guys I appreciate your thumbs up
Some improvements to this upgrade:
Theme support, available under 'Display' settings or with a long-press option on the home screen. Still limited to a handful of SE themes but if you always wanted less blue in the menus it's now an option.

The Gingerbread CRT-off animation makes its first appearance!

The widget overview accessed with a pinch on the home screen now has the widgets floating about. Shaking the phone sends them flying. Pretty and smooth animation but it makes the overview practically unusable IMO, I'll tap SE about this.

Several ring tones have disappeared, among others the one I were using (Digital Phone). Not a big issue.

I'm finally able to set a silent alarm! Previous firmwares allowed setting the alarm sound to 'None' in the list but always defaulted back to the last set sound anyway. This is now fixed.

Setting the alarm time now entails spinning dials instead of clicking. Faster but less precise.

Various UI text is now smaller and sharper.

Additional bloatware, of which some can be uninstalled without root.

'Connected Devices', a more intuitive and cleaner version of the DLNA media server software.

The address book looks a bit different, I think. Unfortunately it's still impossible to change the sorting order of contacts.

The photo album offers a few more options when you call up the menu.

Digital zoom available at all camera resolutions. Only for images though, not video.

Compression levels of still pictures remain overly high.

xLOUD option to significantly enhance audio output strength from the rear speaker. Almost painfully loud IMO.

Using the HDMI mirroring feature now forces the home screen into landscape mode for a better fit with widescreen TVs.

There is also the Keyboard option for International (full keyboard or Phonepad !)

Minor updates:
Video Editor
Data Monitor
Contact Widget
Timescale extension search
Friends & Music
Setup screen has been changed
Nice Update Center
They introduced
New weather widget
New layouts for background theme management
New Xloud benefits

REQUIREMENTS:Gingerbread 2.3.3

reminder: XLOUD Can be disable on Sound settings.
Generic Global:
flash version:

Here's BluechipJ Guide Video Walkthrough/Comparison: watch this on youtube to get full detailed instructions and other additional information.

All credit goes to Mobage & jlmcr87  .
Original Thread for the link
and dyjin for the guides here:


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