Friday, May 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 2 [IMM76I] Omega v3.0 AOKP Build-36 ICS 4.0.4

Galaxy S 2 [IMM76I]Omega v3.0 AOKP Build-36 ICS 4.0.4

ROM Developer:


Omega ◄AOKP► v3.0

Android 4.0.4

Based on AOKP Build-36

Built from scratch from AOKP Team & CM9 Teams source.

Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned

Omega Files Kitchen application – Customize your rom!

In Omega Files Kitchen you will find everything you need to build and customize your rom the way you like it.

Omega AOKP Screenshots

Inside Omega ◄AOKP► v3.0:

Based on AOKP Build-36

Modem: DXLP9

Kernel: Siyah-v3.2.3

Omega Files AOKP (kitchen application)

Theme Manager

Swype with all available languages (with download and update options and Dragon Go! addon)

Rom is call recorder ready - use your favorite call recorder program to record your calls (I use Total Recall Call Recorder)

ES File Explorer

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder

Home Switcher

ColorNote v3.8.6

Compass v3.0

ConvertPad v2.1.02

FasterFix v1.6.1

NoLed v5.2

Hide It Pro v2.9.2.1

MixZing Media Player v3.7.2

Tiny Flashlight + LED v4.9.1

Google Translate v2.3.1 v2.03

Barcode Scanner

Sim Toolkit


Play Music

MIUI FileExplorer

Car Home by Google

Ice cream sandwich clock

Android Keyboard with many languages

Voice Command and Voice talk

Polaris Office


Three Launchers included:





Instantaneous GPS Fixation

Camera mod, allows saving photos/videos to external sd card by D4rKn3sSyS - Available in Omega Files

YouTube modded by rolle (can download videos)

RemountSD by gundalbert - (mounts emmc to sdcard/external_sd - mass storage does not work with this change - only MTP)

Many Tweaks

Rom is no full Wipe - but full wipe is highly recommended


Boot in CWM Recovery

Make a Nadroid backup

Highly recommended: Wipe data/factory reset - absolutely required if coming from another ROM or AOKP that is running Android 4.0.3

Flash Omega

Flash Gapps



Check out the ROM source on github.

Open source, in the spirit of community kangage.


Same with all CM9 roms, read more here


If your External and Internal SD Cards are switched DO THIS! To change the storage settings go into:

settings/storage/hit menu button/Storage configuration/and check Use Internal Storage (or don't depending on what you want) then reboot.

All credits to task650 for this!

Omegas Download Center

Kitchen application - Customize your rom!

In Omega Files Kitchen you will find everything you need to build and customize your rom the way you like it.


To use Omega Files Kitchen you need Internet connection.

Browse Omega Files contents and download the files you want to your Device.

Files are downloaded in folder sdcard/download

Install the files using your favorite method.

Aways take a nadroid backup before installing files from the kitchen.

If you cannot download files to your device use Download All Files application and use it to handle the downloads.


Boot Animations







... and many many more



This application contains the work from many developers. Please support and donate them, if you use their projects.

Links to almost every developer, are included in the Omega Files application (let me know if i forgot to add a link and give credits to a developer).

If a developer does not want his work to be included in the Kitchen, or wants his project presented in another way, contact me and I will do it.

If a rom developer wants to include Omega Files Kitchen in his rom, he must contact me first.


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