Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Update/Upgrade, Root Samsung Epic 4G to 2.3.3 Gingerbread EF02, EF10

Here's a step by step guide on how to upgrade the Samsung Epic 4G to Android  2.3.3 Gingerbread with D700EF02 firmware version by a way of using ODIN. I also included how to root the phone after the upgrade process, just unless anybody who wanted to.

This is only a brief instruction so just read carefully.. This is 99% safe and nothing to worry.  
Before you may proceed.. Don't forget to back up all of your important data stored or installed on the device.

Now, first grab a copy of the firmware

You can grab a copy of it here.
This version is D700EF02 and was build June 02 2011.  
password is:
download mirror:

ODIN v1.81 Downloader Tool  (also included in the firmware packaged)

Samsung Epic 4g 2.3.3 Gingerbread Flashing procedure using ODIN
1) Extract the download firmware packaged.
2) Run ODIN downloader tool. On ODIN click the PIT button and then load the pit file victory_8G_100528.pit  on it. Next, click the PDA  button then load the
SPH-D700-EF02-8Gb-REL.tar.md5 file.

CHECK Re-partition and AUTO REBOOT, only the F.RESET TIME remain un-checked.

SAMSUNG EPIC 4g flashing 2.3.3 gingerbread odin
3)Reboot your Samsung Epic 4G to download mode:
-Turn your Epic 4G off
-While the phone is off, hold down the “1″ key on the QWERTY keyboard while holding the “Power” button. Now you will boot into Download mode
 Then connect the phone to PC USB.
4) Once all set, hit the "START" button to begin downloading the firmware. 
5) Wait until the whole process completes and then the phone reboot. Then un-plug it from PC.

That's it.. You will get an OTA MODEM  update to EF10 by then.

Here's how to ROOT your Samsung Epic 4G that now runs on 2.3.3 Gingerbread. 
Proceed with precautions: ROOTING your device may void it's warranty.

Grab a copy of these files for rooting your phone:
CWM 3.1..0 recovery
Working SU, you need this flashable tar.

1) Rename the downloaded CWM recovery file by removing the .MD5 file extension on it.

2) Run ODIN multi-downloader program on your desktop.
     Uncheck the RE-PARTITION and F.RESET TIME checkboxes, only leave the AUTO REBOOT  checked.

3)Click on the PDA button  then select and load the previously renamed CWM recovery file on it. Then hit the "START" button to flash it.
 Then wait until it it finishes.Then remove the phone from PC connection.

4) Copy the previously downloaded SU file to the root directory folder of your SD card.
5) Turn your Epic 4G off.
    -While the phone is off, hold down the “Volume Down” button, “Camera” button, and “Power” button and hold them.
 - Now you will boot in Recovery Mode which allows you four options:
    * reboot system now
    * apply
    * wipe data/factory reset
    * wipe cache partition
 - Select apply then locate the SU files on the root directory of the SD card.
  -Then select "INSTALL".

Done... Your Samsung Epic 4G mobile phone is now rooted.


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