Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guides: How to Restore/Install Back Original (Carrier/Providers) Stock firmware of Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Many users have been posting questions on how to install back the original firmware of their Samsung Galaxy Tabs. This guides may help to those users who unexpectedly messed up or bricking their tablets for some reasons.

As we have said that Samsung Galaxy Tabs comes with different firmware versions according to their country or region and carrier providers originated.

A number of new firmwares for the Samsung Galaxy Tab come with "signed / protected" bootloaders. These new bootloaders prevent you from flashing custom or otherwise unsigned kernels on the device. Trying to do so anyway will result in errors and usually requires you to re-flash your ROM completely.

Do not just flash any Stock Firmware that is Not Made For your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Read the Devs Guide Carefully Always ..

The following links below are guides that help you install back your Samsung Galaxy Tab to its original stock firmware.

samsung Galaxy tabs stock rom flashing guides
Sprint Galaxy Tabs

Verizon Galaxy Tabs

Telstra Galaxy Tabs

T-Mobile Galaxy Tabs

AT&T Galaxy Tab

Guide to fix your bricked Galaxy Tabs.


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