Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guide: How to Unbrick and Fix your Bricked Samsung Infuse 4G by GTG

Here's a solution that may help you fix your bricked Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G. According to the developer of this ROM, this package will restore your device firmware to a completely stock state. This is useful to those who messed up and flashed their Infuse 4G with a wrong PIT ans screw up their PIT partitions in some other way.

1) Make sure the drivers for the Infuse 4G are installed (installing Kies is the best way to accomplish this)
2) Download and unzip GTG'
3) Run Odin3 v1.7.exe
4) Boot your phone into download mode (pull battery, replace battery, press and hold both volume buttons while plugging in the USB cable)
5) Ensure that your Infuse 4G is detected by ODIN a yellow ID:COM is an indication.
- Click the PIT button and choose infuse.pit (and make sure Re-Partition is checked)
- Click the PDA button and choose PDA_UCKD5.tar.md5
- Click the PHONE button and choose PHONE_UCKD5.tar.md5
- Press Start

6) In the rare case that it finishes and your phone proceeds to boot loop, pull the battery, replace it, press and hold both volume keys and then press and hold the power key, keep holding all three buttons until 3e recovery comes up, select "delete all user data", and finally select "reboot system now".

7) If errors may exists:

Could be several things. First make sure your drivers are installed properly and you are running as admin. Then try a different usb port and data cable and tried again. Then try a different computer.

Visit GTG's thread for more support and detailed info here.


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